Mini Auditorium

Mini Conference Hall for Business Meetings

Host successful business conferences and sales meetings.

Little Planet is a fully equipped, well-maintained mini conference hall – at the heart of the city.

When you host your business meetings here, you get everything you need to make the event a success.


Little Planet conference hall is conveniently located at Kakkanad - just 2 KM from Infopark. It is also close to the bus station.

If you want to book a mini conference hall that is easy to access, start thinking about booking Little Planet.

Seating Capacity

This mini conference hall has 75 chairs for comfortable seating. While looking to make the all-important first impression, rest assured you are at the right place, inviting your guests to the right place.

AV System

Talk to everyone attending the meeting. Your voice will reach the farthest row.

The sound system is designed to make your voice heard – without the noise.

The cordless microphone makes sure you can move around freely while making a presentation.

Or simply talking to the guests. Everyone in the hall will hear every word you say, as clearly as you want them to hear.

Projectors and Projector Screens

Make sure your presentation is presented the way you wanted it to.

The attendants can watch the presentation or videos – everything in LCD quality.

Ask us for projectors and screens – you will need it.

If the projector doesn't work as you expect, it will affect your confidence of delivering a presentation. With the top of the line projector, and LCD quality images, you always do a great job.

Computers, Printers and Copiers – to Make Sure the Business is Done

When was the last time you badly wanted a printer and couldn't find it? You will never know when you will need to take 50 copies of a document or 100 prints of a business schedule. While you are Little Planet, all these conveniences are just a call away.